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Server Info

Lineage2 PVE + PvP Mid Server
Exp: x30
SP: x30
Adena: x50
PartyXP/SP: x2
Drop: x1
Spoil: x5
Enchant: Safe +3 Max +20
Divine Scroll to +20 in Grand Boss: Antharas, Valakas, Baium, Frintezza & Sailren
32 + (4 Buff) / 16 Dances
Buffs 3h
Buffer Scheme whit Buffer PET
Cancel & Steal buffs return
Subclasses: 5
Subclass lvl 85
Auto Learn Skills
Auto Learn Forgotten Skills
SSTS Class Balance (Tested & Working)
Certification with Quest
Gatekeeper Full
NPC Augment VIP
Weapons TAUTI
Armors custom (Only visual, no custom Stats/Skills)
Permanent Talismans (yelow & white) && .combinetalismans
Lvl & Farm Paz Zones
Easy farm
PvP Zone (Anonymous)
Full Geodata Pro
Olimpiad 2 weeks
Sieges and TW every week
All Grand Boss in Gatekeeper
Grand Boss Custom Accessible by Gatekeeper
Grand Boss Antharas, Valakas, Baium, Frintezza & Sailren in original instances
Easy Autopotion CP/HP/MP command: .autopot(On) .autopotoff(Off)
AntiDoS / DDoS
AntiBOTCaptcha / NPC Antibot / GameGuard in System (Any known bot is denied)
Overenchant Protection +20. (There can not be an item above +20 on the server)
General cheats protection
Continuous updates and constants improvements
Wedding System
Offline Trade
Auto Multi-Events
Hyper-Active Staff
And more more.......

L2Candor 2020